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Wendy is an artist living and creating in Tampa, Florida and sometimes in Dallas, Texas!  Wendy uses primarily printmaking, watercolor, ink, and gouache to make works on paper.  She also loves to leave guerilla art in the world.  These mini pieces are never signed or tagged, just left for someone to take or enjoy.  


She has always been a creator.  From a young age she was always making new things from found objects.  She attended the University of Cincinnati in the DAAP college for Interior Design and after several years left the design world to raise a family.  After many years of creating in time in between kids activities, her children are off to college and she is blessed to have the time back to focus full time on her creative process.  


Wendy is a founding member of the METHOD artist collective and a member of the Morean Arts Center.  


Please enjoy looking around.  She is open to commissioned work based on her existing work styles.  Join the mailing list to stay up to date on collections underway!

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